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Zoom Bought Keybase

08 May 2020

Day 14 of the #100DaysToOffload Series:

I’m guessing that most people who care about #privacy have heard about the recent aquisition of Keybase by Zoom. It’s hard to escape since it’s been all over the news. Since I’m a user of Keybase, I thought that I’d offer up my thoughts on the matter.

I’ve been using Keybase for about four years now. Despite it’s not entirely Free and Open Source solution, I support the idea of having an easy to use encryption method that anybody could use for file sharing, chat, and even git repositories.

Sure, Keybase has it’s issues, and there are other solutions on the market that will do this too, but I thought that Keybase had the best chance of success with their solution. I’ve been hoping that they’d resolve their open source issues eventually and really become a solution for everybody.

Then Zoom bought Keybase.

This move is certainly explitive worthy.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t going to make me delete my account. When it comes to that, I’m with my friend and partner in crime Kev, and I’m going to wait and see how things go. I will say that I used to have a great deal of optimism regarding Keybase’s future. That optimism has taken a huge hit by this purchase. Just read the articles. They’re all telling us what Keybase can do for Zoom, but there’s literally nothing about what this could do for Keybase’s products moving forward.

I’m going to wait and see, but right now it feels like I’m waiting to see when the other shoe will drop.

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