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Rest In Peace Fry's Electronics

February 24, 2021

Today I learned that my go to electronics store is going out of business. This isn’t the kind of sad like “I’ve just lost a family member”, but it is sad to see it go.

I'm A Lazy Updater

February 23, 2021

Confession time. When it comes to running updates, I’m super lazy about the whole thing. Super. I realize that keeping your system up to date is important, but I hate messing around and doing it. So, I do it the laziest way I can without not doing it.

Google's Privacy Sandbox

February 15, 2021

In August of 2020, Google announced an initiative called the “Privacy Sandbox”. Now, I normally just laugh softly to myself whenever Google mentions the word “privacy” since never the twain shall meet. I did decide to look a little closer at this particular initiative. Here are my thoughts on the whole matter.

Big Company Bureaucracy

February 11, 2021

I have a day job. Of course I have a day job. It’s not like Fosstodon pays my bills. This week, my day job has been more than a little draining. I’m going to drop that in the lap of “Big Company Bureaucracy”.

JingOS Review

February 6, 2021

A new Linux distro called JingOS has recently graced the Internet with its presence, so I thought that I’d give it a whirl and see what I thought of it.

Internet Everywhere

January 31, 2021

I got my first computer in the early 90s. I was late to the game for my age because my parents thought that computers were a passing fad, and had no interest in getting one. I disagreed, and eventually saved enough on my own to be able to afford one. I didn’t have Internet access at the time, because really no one did. BBS type stuff was really the only option. Everything else I did on my computer was done locally. Now, thirty-ish years later, who can say the same?

Anniversary Of iPad Apathy

January 28, 2021

On January 27th, 2010, Steve Jobs announced the iPad. This is ancient history now, and everybody has heard of the thing. It’s possible you could even be reading this very post on an actual iPad. How meta. I have to admit though, both now and at the time, my personal response to them was pretty apathetic.

Linux Now Runs On M1 Based Macs

January 21, 2021

In early November of 2020, Apple announced that their computers would be running Apple silicon in the form of a new ARM based processor, the M1. There was a lot of excitement about the new processor and it’s capabilities, because…. well…. Apple. Two months later, Linux has been ported to this new processor. My thoughts? Meh.

Mycroft Mark II Ready To Ship, Kinda

January 20, 2021

At the end of December I received a very welcome email from Mycroft. In it, they say that they’re finally ready to ship the Mycroft Mark II. Well, kinda.

Google Limiting API Access

January 19, 2021

I don’t use Chrome. I don’t even use “Chromium”, but I do use a browser that is based on the Chromium engine. Vivaldi. I’d written several different posts about it in the past, and knowing my predilections, I probably will write several more. So why does an announcement from Google about Google specific APIs interest me?