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Why I Have A Blog

22 Apr 2020

My response to Kev Quirk’s blog post, asking people to explain to the world why they have a blog.

Over the years, my blog has been various things. First, it was a place to rant. Then, it became a news aggregator where every day I would just post a series of links that I found interesting that I ran into over the course of the day. Then, it morphed into a, “What’s on your mind” stream of thought writing place. It’s still kind of that kind of place, when I find time to write.

Since I started Fosstodon with Kev, I haven’t really needed to use my blog. I posted a lot to Twitter before Mastodon existed, so I needed somewhere to wax philosophic on anything that needed more than 140 characters. Twitter moved to 280 characters, and then I moved to Mastodon where we have a limit of 500 characters. I find I post to Fosstodon more than anything else. I keep my blog around in case something comes into my mind that I can’t express in a post or two on Fosstodon.

I keep wanting to change the reason I have a blog to something more meaningful, and some have encouraged me in that direction. I’ve had some difficulty motivating myself in that direction. Hopefully in the near future that will change. I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath though.

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