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Welcoming FOSS Advocates!

02 Jun 2013


Go check them out at http://fossadvocates.org

Today on Google+, a good friend of mine had a big announcement. Since he put it in better words than I can conjure, I’m just going to steal his post and paste it here.


Hey guys,

Myself and the rest of the FOSS Advocates team are very proud to announce that the site is pretty much ready to launch. So we have decided to officially launch the site tomorrow at 1500 UTC.

What we currently have So currently the site isn’t much more than a blog. We have aggregated open source content from around the web, as well as some vanilla content from myself and the rest of the team.

However, we’re not going to remain this way for long, and we took this deliberate decision to launch as we are now so that our readers have something tangible they can visit whilst we’re still working away in the background.

Think of this first release as a kind of open beta. We’re happy with what we have currently, be we’re still working very hard to actively develop the site to make it the awesome place we fully expect it to be.

What’s next? Once we’ve launched we’re going to immediately start work on phase 2 of the project, which is the community. We’re going to be adding a “social network” to the site (I hate that term, but it’s basically what it is). Were members can engage with on another, share information, and generally “hang out”.

We’re also going to add community forums so that you guys have everything you need to mozy on down and have a good chat to one another. The forums will be a place were you can publicly talk about anything you like that’s related to FOSS (and even some stuff that isn’t). New projects, support, emerging technologies, and general chit chat. It’s a community forum, so you guys set the subjects!

Once this is done we’re going to have a little break and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Me and the rest of the team will be regulars in the forums, and in the community, so you will no doubt get to know us better there.

Once the community is established and it’s nicely ticking along, we will start development on phase three of our project. At this point in time though guys, it’s top secret, but let me assure you that it’s going to be epic! We don’t want anyone else stealing our idea.

Let’s just say that if you’re a project leader, you gonna want to see this. We’ll leave it there for now I think. ;-)

How can I help out? Once the sites launched we’re going to need your help. In true community spirit, if you have any feedback, then please contact us on hello@fossadvocates.org- this goes straight to our inboxes so you will receive a response.

As well as this, you can volunteer to help us out, either by assisting with moderation here on the G+ Community, or by being a guest author on the blog.

If you have any recommendations to interesting FOSS RSS feeds, then by all means run them by us. We’ll take a look, and add them to the site is we think they’re a good fit.

Thank you Me and the rest of the team still have a lot of work ahead of us. But we’re excited about FOSS Advocates, and we hope you are too. Please feel free to re-share this announcement here on G+, and on other social networks.

If you have a blog yourself, and want to feature FOSS Advocates then please feel free to do so. If you want a direct quote then email us using the address above.

Thanks guys, spread the word, and we look forward to your feedback on the site tomorrow!

--Kev and the rest of the FOSS Adv team

So, you heard it here second. Go and check out http://www.fossadvocates.org tomorrow at 1500 UTC. Check out what the guys over there are offering. It only gets better from here.

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