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Updating My PGP Key

05 Sep 2022

I’m updating my PGP key and moving away from Keybase. Yes, I know. It’s about time.

Someone sent me an encrypted message recently, and I just plain couldn’t get it to decrypt. This is the second time in as many days that a Keybase service didn’t work for me. So, I’m ditching Keybase for good.

For those that aren’t aware, Keybase started off as a cool little service that was just supposed to make it really easy to encrypt and decrypt messages. That’s it.

Over time, they added chat, and then git, and then crypto, and then and then and then. It was fine, but most of that stuff wasn’t super relevant for me.

Then, COVID came and people started working from home. Zoom somehow became the standard, but their security sucked. So, they went out and bought Keybase.

After Zoom bought Keybase, development on Keybase dropped to almost nothing. Their services have barely moved in the last couple years, and I have no faith that they’re going to continue to operate in the long run. I was kind of planning on riding the wave until the end, but lately things have just started failing.

I think it’s time to put this thing to bed.

If you’re the person that sent me the encrypted message, please check out my contacts page for a new PGP key to use. The old one is toast and it no longer works. Anybody else that has my old key, now’s the time to update it.

Day 17 of the #100DaysToOffload 2022 Series.

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