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Twitter Blue Is Coming

04 Jun 2021

“It’s here! Twitter Blue is here!” There’s my hyperbole for the day.

If you’re a Twitter user, and you’ve been waiting, you’re in luck. If you’re like me, you probably don’t care a whole lot.

So, what the heck is Twitter Blue?

Well, it’s Twitter’s latest attempt to make money. It’s a subscription that for about $3 American you can get yourself some extra features. Features like:


Honestly, I feel like this one is a super strange feature. If you’re a Twitter Blue subscriber, you can organized all your saved tweets into folders. Do a lot of people save tweets that way?

Reader Mode

Again, this is just a weird feature in my mind. People that tend make long “posts” over many, many tweets can be consolidated down to look more like an article. I suppose that’s helpful? Occasionally? Maybe?


This is probably the most useful of the new “features” that Twitter is announcing. It’s really just a “stage” post where you can proof read before you hit Send a second time. Less an “Undo” and more a “Are You Sure” screen.

All in all, the features of Twitter Blue in no way encourage me to become a member. I’m already more of a fan of Mastodon, and this isn’t tempting me to go back to the cesspool that is Twitter. I wouldn’t pay $1 for this, let alone $3.

But hey, maybe I’m the weird one here. Maybe Twitter will be overwhelmed with subscribers immediately and this will become a runaway success. Maybe.

Day 26 of the #100DaysToOffload 2021 Series.

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