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Three Weeks

15 May 2020

Day 21 of the #100DaysToOffload Series:

Three weeks ago I accepted a challenge from a Kev to write a blog post a day for one hundred days. We’re now three weeks into the challenge and so I thought that today might be a good day for a quick summary.

So, how are things going?

Better than I expected to be honest. I fully expected to last two or three days before burning out and running out of things to write about.

I won’t lie, many days (most?) it’s hard to think of of a subject that I can write about. Adding to that problem is the fact that every day a new article is due, which doesn’t give a lot of time to research a subject I don’t know a lot about.

That leaves me in the situation where I have to write about things that I already know or I can figure out in a short amount of time. I’m not finding that optimal, but I’m going to stick with it for the time being.

What’s Coming

I think in the future I’m going to try to do some series articles. Instead of writing a single article and then moving on to another subject the next day, I’m going to take several days in a row and try to really dig into a subject. I feel like that way I can spend some time to get to know a subject.

So, in the future, look forward to some anthologies.

Where We’ve Been

I’ve covered a pretty wide variety of subjects so far. If you’re just seeing this article now and have missed the others, here are the articles I’ve written so far in this challenge.

  1. 100 Days To Offload
  2. My First Time With Linux
  3. Killed By Google
  4. The OS That Wasn’t
  5. Two Space Or Not Two Space
  6. National Poetry Month
  7. A Different Kind Of Shell
  8. First Thoughts On Ubuntu Mate 20.04
  9. Rest In Peace Mycroft, Until Tomorrow
  10. Bringing Mycroft Back To Life
  11. My Text Editor Of Choice
  12. A Little Salt With Your Market Share Stats?
  13. It’s Not A Smarthome
  14. Zoom Bought Keybase
  15. Is keys.pub A Worthy Successor To Keybase?
  16. Happy Mother’s Day
  17. Screenshot Anyday
  18. Troubleshooting Write.as
  19. Voice Of The Future
  20. Inspirational Logo

I still haven’t decided when I’m going to kick off the anthologies, but it’ll probably be pretty soon here. I’ll just spring them on you with no notice. The last three weeks have been pretty fun, and I’ve been enjoying the writing again. That’s despite the fact that I feel super rusty. Hopefully the next seventy-nine days will fix that and I’ll settle back in.

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