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Thoughts On Windows 11

15 Jun 2021

Earlier today, The Verge published an article with supposed leaks of a new interface that’s coming in a hypothetical “Windows 11”. To be perfectly clear, The Verge claims that these images are verified. Maybe they are, but I’ve seen a variety of interfaces come out of Redmond that never make it to the final product. Acknowledging that these ideas may never see the light of day in any meaningful way, I have some thoughts.

This is the new desktop (maybe). There’s very little about this that I find interesting. Virtually nothing in fact. Moving everything over to be centered on the bottom of the screen like that takes the worst parts of macOS and Windows 10 and combines them together to be worse than either. I don’t like it. I’d rather have the application menu in the traditional Windows location or in a top menu than centered like that. To me, it just feels awkward.

The appearance of the Start Menu is fine. I wouldn’t use that layout, but it’s fine. There are several options for using almost that exact thing already existing in Linux. I don’t use those either, but they’re fine too.

There is one thing that does interest me, and that’s this:

I really like that option. It’s a good option to have and a great way to implement it. I hope I’ll see DEs start to implement that feature soon because I like it but not enough to use Windows to get it.

Day 27 of the #100DaysToOffload 2021 Series.

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