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02 Oct 2007

SCO. The anti-Christ in the Linux world. Recently, they’ve been handed a judgement by District Court Judge Dale A. Kimball that is, to put it lightly, bad for them. Pretty much the entire tech industry has ruled SCO virtually dead. Just a matter of time. SCO’s CEO, Darl McBride, seems to think otherwise. He’s banking the company on two things. SCO’s new mobility products, which haven’t been released yet, and appeal. This case has already been rolling around for 4 years. 4 YEARS. Now, they’re looking to appeal. My first question, how do they plan to pay for another 4 years of trial? Judging by their financials, they can’t. Their mobility products? Personally, as a customer, I’d stay the hell away from SCO. They have a history of suing their own customers. Do I want to have an untested product produced by a company that might sue me later? I wouldn’t. Maybe someone would. Do I see SCO rising from the ashes? Not even remotely. All the promises I’ve seen from Darl over the last 4 years have failed to amount to anything other than talk. I think it’s time we moved from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 and just end this stupid little tale.

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