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11 Jul 2020

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, mostly because it’s not a particularly interesting subject, and more of an excuse in so many words.

If you’re someone that knows me, follows this blog, or follows me on Fosstodon, you may have noted my absence the last couple days.

Or maybe not. Who knows.

Anyway, the reason I’ve been gone is I’ve been a little under the weather.

Honestly, I have no idea what the heck that was. I’m feeling much, much better today. I think this whole thing is done.

So, how was it?

My head felt like it was vibrating inside. I was nausiated all the time and had no appetite. My hand shook and I felt the same kind of feeling you have when you’re really nervous about something, like you’re about to sing the big solo in front of an auditorium of strangers.

It started last week with that nervous, shaky feeling. Then it just got worse until yesterday. Even sitting in a chair was a challenge.

I went to bed last night and I slept like a rock. Best I’ve slept since the whole thing started. Today, it’s like it never happened.

I have never felt like that. I’m going to take it easy this weekend, but I think it’s done. And good riddance.

Oh, and no, I don’t think it was COVID-19. I suppose it’s possible, but I had no fever, no shortness of breath, no chest pains. None of the symptoms seemed to cross over.

Since COVID-19 is so new, I won’t say that I’m 100% confident that this was not COVID-19. I will say that I’m about 97% confident.

Hopefully getting a little rest this weekend and I’ll be back up to 100% by Monday.

Day 63 of the #100DaysToOffload Series:

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