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PCs Moving To Arm?

16 Jul 2020

At this year’s WWDC Apple announced that they’re going to be moving to their own, in house developed ARM based processors. Since that time, there’s been a lot of conjecture about how the market will be reacting to that change.

It seems to be forgotten that Apple hasn’t always used Intel processors. They used to use processors developed by Motorola. The AIM Alliance was founded way back in 1991 between Apple, IBM, and Motorola. Apple only announced in 2005 that they’d be switching to Intel processors.

Now, we have people claiming that PCs will need to switch to ARM just to keep up.

Aren’t we all just jumping the gun here a little? Apple hasn’t even produced a computer with one of their new processors. I realize that they’ve been using their own processors in other devices, like their iPads and iPhones, but a computer is a whole other ball game.

How about we let Apple produce a computer with a processor that runs before we assume that Apple’s new offering is going to redefine the entire market. They’ve tried to compete with Intel before and it didn’t go well for them. There’s no assurances this time will be any different.

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