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01 Jun 2020

Day 36 of the #100DaysToOffload Series:

For the trifecta, I was going through the community forums on the #Mycroft site and I ran across something I’d somehow managed to miss for the better part of two years. MycroftOS.

There’s a long and detailed post on MycroftOS covering multiple builds over the course of years over on the Mycroft Forums. It dates back to October of 2018 and follows MycroftOS’s progress from its first alphra release to present day.

MycroftOS is a pared down version of Linux with a sole intent of running Mycroft. Even the version of Linux that runs on the Mark I contains a lot of code that isn’t specific to Mycroft, it just happens to be there.

Peter Steenbergen (j1nx) has worked hard to remove stuff that doesn’t need to be there to improve the performance and security of the assistant.

From the page:

MycroftOS is a bare minimal linux OS based on Buildroot to run the Mycroft A.I. software stack on embedded devices. The software stack of Mycroft creates a hackable open source voice assistant.

Because Peter does this for a hobby and not a full time job, work on it can be slow, but he’s shown some really interesting progress, and has even incorporated many of the features expected to appear in the up coming Mark II.

He’s got a very interesting demo video up on YouTube. I’m looking forward to giving it a test run.

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