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Moving To Jekyll

16 Jan 2021

Recently, Kev wrote an article about his recent development of Simple.css. Soon after, he was silly enough to say, “I’m thinking about writing a series of posts on how to build a Jekyll site from scratch using Simple.css.” (Reference) I was quick to tell him just how interested in that I’d be.

Of course, being Kev, he came through in fine style and a few days later he posted a very comprehensive guide, How To Build A Jekyll Site Using Simple.css. After asking him to write it, it would have been really rude to not use the guide.

So, here we are. I’ve migrated my personal site from write.as over to a Jekyll back end based on the instructions that Kev provided.

The site itself looks pretty much the same at this point. The biggest differences are how pretty much everything I’ve posted is here on the front page. I do intend to fix that here in the future, but there are going to be some growing pains before I get my act together completely.

All the images are now moved off of snap.as as well, which means pretty much everthing on this site is in the same place. The only call it makes to an outside page is for the css that Kev wrote. I thought about copying it locally, but this way I’m getting all the latest updates as soon as he pushes them to the web, which is a win in my book.

I haven’t noticed any performance issues or anything like that after the migration, but please let me know if things are working slowlly for you or if you run into any other issues with the new site.

One last thing before I wrap this thing up. Jekyll gives me a lot more control over the site than I had with write.as, so while I’m starting here with a site that looks almost exactly like the old on, I’m hoping to add some new features in the future. Right now, RSS should be working and that’s about it. I’m hoping to add pagination to ease the giant front page next. We’ll see what comes of things after that.

Day 3 of the #100DaysToOffload 2021 Series.

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