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Microsoft Threatens, Redhat Yawns

11 Oct 2007

Microsoft is up to it’s usualy bunk again, claiming that people that use Redhat have, or eventually will have, an obligation to pay Microsoft.  Redhat’s response has, so far, been just to yawn in Microsoft’s face.  Microsoft isn’t the first company to try this with Redhat, but hopefully, it will be the last.  SCO has recently filed for Chapter 11 after years of trying to show that they own one iota of the code present in Linux.  I seriously doubt that Microsoft would go bankrupt over this, due to their amazingly deap pockets, but I also seriously doubt that they can prove to a court of law that anybody not running Windows owes them anything.  As for those who are running Windows, well, they owe Microsoft their immortal soul.  Bummer.

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