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Linux on your Mobile Phone

26 Sep 2007

Today I’ve been reading articles about Linux on mobile phones. Articles can be found here and here. Personally, I think this is a great idea. Here’s the phone that I use:

With the full keyboard, the idea of having some kind of command line access from my phone to my server is very tempting. Full Internet Access using a standard browser instead of some lame kinda-browser is also very tempting. Firefox on my phone? Who wouldn’t like that? With a Linux based OS, OpenOffice could potentially be available, and many other Linux applications. The idea of having these options on my phone is pretty tempting.

From an Enterprise perspective, at my company, we use a lot of Blackberries. We have several Exchange servers, and a VPN. If a Linux based phone were to include WiFi, which many phones are coming out with these days, air time to access your corporate network would be zero.

Right now, I think that the Linux Mobile OS is a little fresh to jump to all these conclusions, but how sweet would this be?

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