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Gotta Get Back In Time - Arguments Against Linux

15 Jan 2016

I’ve been using Linux now for almost 20 years. I didn’t get in on the ground floor, but I wasn’t far off. Over the course of those almost 20 years, a pretty solid pattern has developed when it comes to people trying to put Linux down.

I’m sure you’ve all heard them.

Some of them used to be right, but they’re not anymore. Some of them have never been right. None of them are right now. It seems like every argument I see against Linux is like a trip back in time.

I used to try to correct these people, but over and over I found myself getting in the “someone is wrong on the internet” mentality. I’m not sure correcting individuals is all that useful anyway. These individuals have just read these arguments somewhere else and they’re spewing them out virtually verbatim. Until we’re able to correct the source of this misinformation, we’re not going to make any progress. The counter to that argument is, maybe some of these people are the source of this misinformation (at least to some). Maybe correcting these individuals will help out in the long run.

This post isn’t really about solutions. I don’t have any. If I did, I’d have solved this problem by now. I guess I’m leaving this up to you guys. Is it better to correct each and every person that spews this nonsense on the Internet, or is it better to pick our battles and not waste our energy unless we can have a larger impact than the individual?

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