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21 Oct 2011

For those of you that don’t know, HP had a huge fire sale on their HP TouchPad back in August. Frankly, the devices weren’t selling, and HP decided to cut it’s losses and liquidate their inventory. Long story short, they started selling their $399 devices for $99.

Great deal right?

So, always interested in a deal, I ordered three of them from HP’s website.  That was the 22nd of August.

On the 7th of September, I received an email from HP telling me that due to the large amount of interest in the device, it would be six to eight weeks before they could ship my order. That puts my delivery date somewhere between the 19th of October to the 2nd of November. Long wait.

Miraculously, I received an email from HP on the 7th of October. “Good news - your order should ship out within the next 2 weeks with free ground shipping.” Excellent! That puts my delivery at the 21st of September at the latest!

The days roll by, and no notification of shipping from HP. Today, it’s the 21st. The last day in the window they’d given me for shipping. Then, the email comes today at 4:27PM.

“Good news - your order should ship out within the next 2 weeks with free ground shipping.”

This is not the email I was looking for. I realize that I’m getting a screaming good deal on these TouchPads. That’s not in question, but the way that HP has handled this fire sale is flat out ridiculous. I paid them when I placed my order. I have nothing to show for it, even two months later. I can’t even get a valid ship date from them.

I guess I have no other choice but to wait another two weeks and hope I don’t get another email with “good news” in it. It’s just really frustrating. At this rate, I feel like I should have just went and bought a GalaxyTab or a Transformer and brought it home with me same day. At least then I’d have gotten some use out of the money spent.

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