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03 Aug 2020

Many of you know the story of Fosstodon, but there are many of you who don’t. Now seems like an appropriate time to tell this story again.

My name is Mike Stone, and besides being the owner of this blog, I’m also a co-admin of the Mastodon instance Fosstodon with my friend Kev.

Kev and I met a long time ago on a social network far, far away called Google+. I can’t remember exactly when and how we met there. I think we were just showing up in comments on posts, and we had similar interests.

Years go by I’m watching a vlog from Bryan Lunduke and he mentions a social network that I’m not familiar with called Mastodon. Google has already announced at this point that Google+ will not be long for the world, and I’m kind of looking for something to replace it, so I decide I’m going to give this Mastodon thing a try.

Since Bryan was the one that mentioned it, and I knew next to nothing about this platform, I decided to follow his advice and I chose Mastodon.rocks as my instance of choice.

I really enjoyed Mastodon. It was a great experience. I posted about it on Google+ and invited people I knew both in my personal circles and in groups I was a member of to join me over on Mastodon, and Kev was one of those that took me up on the offer.

He wasn’t on the platform long when he approached me with a crazy idea. What if we started our own instance? Mastodon.rocks had some stability issues at the time, and it was frustrating. Looking at the financial requirements, we decided that we could afford to go in half and half so we pulled the trigger on it, and Fosstodon was born.

Kev’s last toot on Mastodon.rocks is this one:

So yeah, I did a thing and started a new FOSS Mastodon instance. Feel free to come and join if you’re interested in Open Source technology. https://fosstodon.org/. You can find me on there as @kev

Honestly, I don’t think either of us expected more than a handful of people to join us on Fosstodon. Now, three years and two days later, we have more than eleven thousand people in our community.

These last three years have been quite a wild ride, and I’m incredibly proud of the community that has sprung up on Fosstodon. It’s because of this community that I can’t wait to see what the future of Fosstodon holds.

So, Happy Birthday Fosstodon! And many more.

Day 76 of the #100DaysToOffload Series.

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