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Five Years Of Fosstodon

01 Aug 2022

Five years ago and some change my friend Kev came to me with a crazy idea. I’d conned him into joining Mastodon earlier in the year after I joined and had been having a really good time. His idea? Why not start our own instance? “Sure, why not?” I thought. Could be fun.

Five years later….

I’m not going to go more into the tale of how Fosstodon came to be. Honestly, the bulk of the story is in the first paragraph anyway. I will note that neither Kev or I anticipated what Fosstodon was going to become when we decided to create this thing. I think Kev expected we might get a couple extra friends to join up, and I expected it to be more of a vanity URL for our handles. If we got 10 people to join up we would have considered it a success. Some quick stats for today:

Current Users: 21711 Active Users (30 Days): 3171 (~15%) New Statuses (30 Days): 26892 Total Statuses (5 Years): 930197 Number of Reports (5 Years): 3803 Number of Volunteers: 5

Currently Fosstodon is the second largest technology instance in the Fediverse, and we’ve developed a truly great community which continues to grow. That is really the thing I am most proud of in the last five years. The community of people we’ve managed to attract to Fosstodon makes every second of time spent working on it worth it to me. That’s something neither Kev or I anticipated five years ago. We’re both looking forward to seeing what this community can do in the next five years.

Thank you to everybody who has helped make this community great and who has helped make Fosstodon more than we ever expected it could be.

Day 11 of the #100DaysToOffload 2022 Series.

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