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Creating A Post Directly On GitHub

18 Feb 2022

One of the downsides of having a blog based on Jekyll is your workflow is a little limited. Today I’m trying something entirely new to see if I can make this fly.

Most of the time, I’m creating my posts in Atom. It’s connected to GitHub, so all I have to do is click a button to publish my posts. Well, a couple buttons, but you get the idea. It works great, but it’s not super accessible if I’m not at my computer.


GitHub allows for editing/creating files directly in a repository. There doesn’t seem to be a “copy” option, so I have to dig into an existing post before starting my new one so I can get all the headers and stuff from there. I just don’t remember all that stuff without the guide. That part is kinda a bummer, but not a deal breaker.

The other thing is there doesn’t seem to be a spell checker. This is important to me. I’m a horrible speller. I’m so bad that sometimes I confuse the spell checkers in word processors. They just throw up their hands and say, “I have no idea what you’re going for here.” It’s handy to have Mycroft on my desk so I can ask it how to spell words. I can say the word out loud and get the spelling back. It’s that bad. I may have to type out these posts in a word processor and then paste the text into GitHub later just to avoid looking like an illiterate dolt.

The online editor feels a little sluggish too. Not horrible, but again I feel like an offline editor might be a good option and then just paste it into the editor window? Couldn’t hurt I suppose.

I think we’ve gotten past the proof of concept part at least. This can work. I might actually do this sometimes in the future if I’m away from my Atom editor. It’s not optimal, but it is functional.

Day 4 of the #100DaysToOffload 2022 Series.

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