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Apple Fans And Delusions Of Grandeur

20 Aug 2020

Every platform has it’s fan base. That’s true of Linux, macOS, and even Windows. It’s probably just me, but Apple fans always seem to have grandiose ideas of their place in the market.

Sure, Apple is a two trillion dollar company. I’m not even going to go into how ridiculous that is. Still, unless you’re talking about the mobile market, Apple is not a major player.

That’s why it’s always annoying when I run across articles like this one.

Google Chrome has owned the web for years. Apple’s macOS Big Sur could change that forever.

I understand that hyperbole gets clicks. Trust me, I do. This goes a little far even for hyperbole.

Let’s do some basic math here. Google Chrome currently owns 68.81% of the browser market share. Apple currently holds 9.4% of the desktop market.

I’m not a mathematician by any stretch of the imagination, but what that says to me is that even if every single macOS user suddenly switched from Google Chrome to Safari, Google would still have almost 60% of the browser market. And that assumes that every single macOS user is currently using Google Chrome. It’s safe to say that isn’t true, but it doesn’t even matter if it is.

No, Big Sur is not going to challenge Google’s ownership of the web. I don’t even like Google owning the web and that’s just obvious.

What if you ignore Big Sur, and there’s just a ton of Windows users out there using Safari?

Sorry, Safari currently has only around 3.71% market. It trails even Internet Explorer.

All this assumes that the new version of Safari was worth exchanging Chrome for. Looking at the list of “features” that are supposed to drag users away from Chrome, it seems pretty sparse. I wouldn’t trade Chrome for those features, and I don’t even use Chrome.

No, this is beyond hyperbole. This is delusions of grandeur, and it’s just flat out not going to happen.

Day 82 of the #100DaysToOffload Series.

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