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Aaaannd we're back...

26 Mar 2015

And we’re back. Well, I am anyway. I tried an experiment the last couple weeks/months. I found that I wasn’t updating my blog as much as I’d wanted to be, and I was spending a lot of time on Google+.

“Why not combine the two?” I asked myself.

“What a brilliant idea,” I answered myself.

So, I did.

I forwarded my domain to my G+ profile, and I planned on putting up any “bloggy” type material on my G+ profile instead of using an actual blog. I didn’t reduce the amount of time I was spending there, but I found that despite the fact that I was spending more than enough time there to accomplish the task, I still wasn’t really blogging.

Mission: Failed.

My thought on the matter is, when I’m on Google+, there’s always something else to do other than put up a quality (loosely defined) post. Someone is always saying something interesting, so I just never get around to thinking about what I want to say.

My brilliant plan moving forward? Roll back the changes and try the old plan again. What’s the worst thing that can happen eh?

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