Everybody is Exhausted!

As I said in the previous post, Grandma got here today in anticipation of our pending arrival. We need an extra pair of hands to watch over the kids in the middle of the night, and having someone sleeping one room over is just the best possible solution. Mom had to get up this morning just after 6:00am to make her flight.

Last night we had an odd episode with Kaitlyn were she woke up in the middle of the night and we couldn’t get her back to sleep for close to two hours. She finally ended up spending the night in bed with Amy and I. She slept OK (minus the couple hours she was up), but Amy and I spent the majority of the night getting punched and kicked by a roaming 2 year old. Needless to say, neither of us slept particularly well.

Kaitlyn missed her nap today, and Jared’s was “abbreviated”.

Needless to say, it’s 10 o’clock, and everybody is ready to be sleeping. Work and school start fresh first thing in the morning. Until then, time for some zs.

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