Of Course It’s Going to Rain NOW

We just officially moved out of our old house and into a new place. When we moved into our old place, it didn’t have a washer/dryer, so we had to buy one (or just have very dirty clothes). Our new house has a washer/dryer, so we asked our old landlords if they wanted to buy the washer/dryer from us to keep in the old house. They declined, so today I had to go and get them from the old house.

We don’t really have a place for the washer/dryer in the new house, so I had to put them in the garage where we’ve been parking the car. Then it started to rain. And it’s been raining. The entire rest of the day. I checked the forecast, and it’s going to continue to rain all week.

It figures, the one week that I’m not able to put our car in the garage will be the week that it’s going to rain the entire time.

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