Boy are my Arms Tired

There’s been a lot going on the last six months, and I’ve been less thanĀ diligentĀ in writing about it. I guess the big news is that Jared just had his six month “birthday” and today we noticed that the first tooth he’s gotten is poking through the gum. He’s been acting like they were incoming for a while now, so it’s about time.

Daniel is three now, and is working hard on his potty training. It’s slow going, but he’s got the #1 down pretty well. #2 still seems to be a challenge.

We recently had the opportunity to fly up to Montana for my cousin Tiffany’s wedding. We got both Daniel and Jared their own seats on the plane, and let me tell you, the direct flight is so worth it. We just kept handing Daniel new things, and gave Jared a bottle every time there was a significant change in altitude. It managed to get us there with a minimum of fuss.

The wedding was nice. It was a fast trip, and it kind of reminded me of High School. I knew a lot of people there, but mostly they just told me to go away. Tiffany was beautiful, and I would guess that the groom looked good too. It was good seeing family if only for a few minutes. Even my brother Gary made an appearance. Kinda. His stay was briefer than most.

Now we’re back in Arizona, and things are back to our normal schedule.