Easter 2011

Easter has come and gone for another year. We had big plans this year. We just welcomed a new family member this year, and my parents were flying down from Montana to see him for the first time. My brother was meeting them here. Was going to be the first time our family had been together in months. Then, as things always seem to do, it got more complicated.

Mom and Dad were due to fly in on Saturday a couple hours before my brother. I’m trying to remember when I got the call. It was either Wednesday or Thursday, but the point of the call is the same either way. Dad had eaten a chili dog, and it had done very bad things to him. They thought he had food poisoning, and wasn’t going to be making it for the flight. Mom was still planning on coming though.

Friday, I got another call. Mom this time. Dad was in the hospital. He had Pancreatitis. The doctors were watching him very closely because of his age. Mom was going to be staying with him. I called my brother to tell him the news, and he called and talked to Mom as well.

Gary actually did make it down.

Dad, it turns out, not only had¬†Pancreatitis, but a Urinary¬†Tract Infection (UTI) on top of that. He recovered nicely in the hospital, and made it home in a couple days. To late to come down for Easter, so we’re rescheduling for May.

It was great having Gary here, but the time went way to fast. We didn’t really do anything. We just hung out and had a good time. I wasn’t able to get time off for the time he was here since I’ve only been at my current job for about a month, so he had the joy of hanging out at our house during the day with both Amy and I at work. Of course, he had a book and his phone to chat at his friends. Unfortunately, he flew back home on Wednesday.

All in all, one of our more exciting Easters. We all made it through, and we’re all fine. I got time to spend with Gary, which I don’t get enough of now that we’re not in Nevada any more. Hopefully, we’ll get some more time with him again soon. Dad’s back home with Mom doting on him hand and foot, and probably annoying him by doing so. Everything is back to normal.

I hope everybody out there had a happy and healthy Easter.