A Time of Year to Give Thanks

It’s been a good year. I know it’s not quite over, but since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought that now would be a good time to do a little reflection.

We moved to Phoenix in January. I left a job that I liked in city I liked to come to a city I didn’t know and a job that I… well.. I didn’t have a job. To say that there were several questions in our future is an understatement.

Shortly after we arrived here in Phoenix, I was presented a job opportunity, and have been gainfully employed ever since. Amy loves her job here in Phoenix, and Daniel is kind of the “Norm from Cheers” at his Daycare. It’s cute the way all the kids in the room yell “Daniel!!” when we come in the door in the morning.

We’ve settled in well to our house here in Phoenix, and we’ve got a new bundle of joy coming our way in March of next year. All in all, this year has treated us very well, and for that, I’m grateful.