Go With Someone You Can Trust, NOT Thrifty!

So, here’s a tale of a stupid move on my part, and a pretty dishonest one on the party of Thrifty Car Rental.

My parents were in town, visiting for a couple days, and we decided to make a trip to Tucson for the day to see the Pima Air and Space Museum.

As a side note, very cool by the way.  If you get a chance go and visit.  Back to the subject at hand.

At this time, the Air Conditioning in our car is not working.  I might write a whiny blog post about that later on, but for the time being, it’s not relevant other than it’s out.  So, since we were expecting temps in the 90s, we thought that maybe it would be better to rent a car and drive that so we would have working AC.

Amy drops me off at the rental place to pick up the car, and when I walk in the door, I’m greeted by a line long enough to earn you a pair of dentures.  So, after getting a full lesson on the vortex under Sedona from an otherwise nice guy, I finally get to the counter.  This is after at least an hour of waiting.

I tell the gentleman at the counter that I don’t want any extras on the car. No gas. No insurance (it’s covered under our existing car insurance).  Nothing.  He tells me to follow the instructions on the little electronic pad.

I’m really in a rush now because we’re trying to get out the door, and we’ve got a limited time to drive all the way to Tucson and see the museum, and drive back, and having four adults and a two year old in the car for any longer than necessary didn’t sound fun.

I cruise through the pages and sign the last screen, and run out the door to get the car.  I get the car, and get home as fast as legally possible.  Zoom to Tucson, old planes, zoom back.  We’re back in Phoenix after a day in the hot sun.

Amy notices that there’s an extra $22 charge on our bill that I didn’t notice.  She’s naturally curious as to what this $22 charge is about, so when we’re returning the car (same day by the way), we stop in to customer service to ask about it.  Since I had told them flat out that I didn’t want any extras, it seems pretty strange that there’s extras on there.

The guy at the counter at first seems at least a little bit concerned, so he pulls up a series of pictures that are basically the screens that I rushed through earlier.  Turns out that even though I told the guy that I wanted ABSOLUTELY no options added, he stuck them in anyway. I, being in the huge rush after the long wait, didn’t notice what he had done. All I can get out of the guy at the counter was an explanation (over and over) of what the screens were and how they worked. “If you didn’t understand the screens you should have asked for help.”

I want to know why that screen was even presented as an option after I explicitly told him that I didn’t want the extra insurance that he stuck in there anyway.  The idiot behind the counter couldn’t answer that question, and instead just pointed to the screen again, and tells me again that if I didn’t understand, I should have asked for help.

I hope that Thrifty enjoys that $22 they got off of me today, because it will be the last red cent they ever see from me.  When I tell someone that I don’t want their option, I don’t expect it to be stuck in there anyway.  When I find out they did, I want that charge removed. What I got was an explanation that pretty much said, since you didn’t catch us trying to rip you off right away, you’re screwed.

New Site..

Well, here it is boys and girls, my new site. I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for right now. Maybe nothing, but maybe just family type stuff. You know the stuff. News, pictures, etc. Keep an eye on this space for new, more interesting stuff.